London, ON June 6 – 10 2022

Thanks for checking out my poster at QISS (https://qiss.uwo.ca/)

A PDF of the poster:


Quantum Statistics in Bohmian Trajectory Gravity

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I wish also to point out a new paper which concerns a similar topic: (with a nice way to move smoothly from quantum gravity to a Bohmian alternative).

Is gravitational entanglement evidence for the quantization of spacetime? M. Kemal Döner · André Großardt

I did a short presentation of the poster topic at the APS April 2021 meeting


Here is my CV at Google Scholar. Basically, I went to U of Toronto undergrad in the 80s, then onto the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory for my masters and PhD at Laurentian and U of Guelph. My true interest in physics has always been quantum foundations, dating back to my undergrad thesis project at U of Toronto. (On John S Bell).

I wish to thank Hans-Thomas Elze and the other organizers and attendees of DICE2018 Spacetime – Matter – Quantum Mechanics Ninth International Workshop in Castiglioncello Italy, for the chance to speak on the matter presented in this here. Paper that the poster is based on: (Note that in the poster I consider entanglement from case 3 & 4, which I now believe is needed, after consideration of the COW experiments (ref 7 below). See Christodoulou and Rovelli for a time dilation explanation of the BMV experiment.

How does Bohmian Trajectory Gravity differ from Bohmian Mechanics?

Basically, in Bohmian Mechanics, the only thing that travels with the particle is the location of the particle, the wave function handles ‘all other effects’. So charge/mass/other quantum numbers are not carried on the particle. With Bohmian trajectory gravity, one attaches mass to the particle location. ( It’s my guess that quantum mechanics is very closely related to electromagnetism.) In the following video one can see how surreal trajectories show the separation of quantum numbers from the particle positions.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite papers:

What Bell Did by Tim Maudlin.

https://arxiv.org/pdf/1408.1826.pdf Physics is non-local. One day we will express that fact in something more than an inequality.